Trending: The Most Popular Pins on Pinterest

Updated October 29, 2018
ice cream cone

Pinterest is a popular social media network for users to pin things they’re interested in to a virtual bulletin board. DIY projects, fashion, beauty, gifts, wedding and party planning, and food and drink are among the most popular categories pinned.

79% of those pinning food and drink related pins over said Pinterest has influenced their purchasing decisions. Showing lifestyle images and cooking instructions increased saves and click through rates.

beauty tutorial.jpg

Fashion is a very popular topic on Pinterest with over 3 billion pins. Over half of the 29 million fashion pinners say Pinterest has influenced their purchase decisions. If you’re looking to increase checkout rates, use photos of your clothing and accessories in use on real people rather than a solid background.

Tutorials improve click through rates and save rates on beauty products. Brand matters in the beauty category, as pins with branded product placement have seen as much as 21% higher save rates.

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