How to Use Pinterest for Business

Updated October 29, 2018

Why Market on Pinterest?

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Pinterest has over 200 million users who are actively searching for products and services like yours. Here are some tips to make sure those users find your pin among the >100 billion pins available in the ever-growing Pinterest universe.

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For the Love of Browsing

80% of Pinterest users use their mobile device to search pins, and love to browse ideas to save for later. Some marketers focus on Facebook or Instagram for promoting products because of the tendency to browse on Pinterest. However, browsing is the prerequisite to making a purchase. In addition, Pinterest Pins live on the boards they are pinned to versus a post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook that disappears into the feed unless it is promoted.

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How to Convert an Existing Pinterest Account to a Business Account

Before you can view user analytics and run ads, you’ll need to have a Pinterest for Business account. Converting an existing account to a business account is simple. Log in to your Pinterest account and find the three dots in the upper right corner of your home page, click and select convert to business account.

How to Best Structure Pins and Boards

Pinterest pins are primarily viewed on mobile phones, so optimizing your images for mobile is a must. The ideal pin size is 600 by 900 pixels with at least 72 dpi in a png format. Vertical pins are best for mobile and have a maximum ratio of 1:2.8 (2:3 is ideal) and a minimum size of 100 x 200px. While adding a text call to action can increase engagement, try to minimize text on images. Videos should be square with a 1:1 ratio or portrait with a 9:16 ratio. If using a multi-image/collage, a maximum of 4 images is best. When naming pins, avoid keywords related to prohibited items like alcohol and tobacco products and don’t use excessive capitalization or symbols. Arrange your Pinterest boards by what’s relevant or seasonal, and the names of your boards should be 20 characters or less.

How to Optimize Pins for SEO Ranking

Content is pushed to pinners based on quality, not how many followers a pinner has. The ongoing click through rate of a pin is also part of the equation of its quality. Pin descriptions are where you should focus your SEO efforts to rank organically for searches. Engagement with your pins also affects ranking on search, so maintaining an active Pinterest account is beneficial. Asking users to share your Pins with a call to action on the image itself or through social media interaction will improve the search ranking for your Pins.

Pinterest Advertising Strategy

Pinterest is a planning platform so people use it well in advance of their wedding, vacation, or event - typically four months prior. If you’re looking to run an ad campaign, planning 45 days out is advisable.