Sell on Pinterest with Shopify

Updated October 29, 2018

Why sell on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular social media platform and an opportunity to get your products in front of more shoppers. When you’ve installed the Pinterest channel, your products can be automatically published to Pinterest as buyable pins. Learn more about using Pinterest for Business, and read on to learn how to sell on Pinterest through your Shopify store.

How to Add the Pinterest Channel in Shopify

shopify sales channels

NB: Before adding the Pinterest channel, you’ll need to set up payments in your Shopify general settings.

In your online store, go to sales channels. If you click the plus sign next to sales channels, Pinterest is typically suggested when the window pops up. You can also find the Pinterest app in the Shopify App Store.

Best Practices for Using Pinterest with Shopify

Using the Pinterest App on Shopify is similar to other sales channel apps. You’ll be able to choose which products and collections are displayed in the app or on the product editing page. Here are a few important tips for success.

1) Be consistent with product options.

Pinterest by default only recognizes Color, Size, Material and Pattern. It’s okay to publish products with different options, but you’ll need to map them in the Pinterest app. Keeping you product options consistent will help you maintain an organized store and sync with Pinterest more efficiently.

2) Know what you can and can’t sell on Pinterest.

Pinterest has a long list of buyable pins guidelines and prohibited items that you cannot post as buyable pins. Being familiar with Pinterest’s guidelines is helpful for knowing what you can and cannot sell, and is also important for marketing purposes. For example, the words in the name of your product will help your organic search rankings, but more importantly, certain words are prohibited. Similarly, you cannot sell customized items and all products must be physical products.

3) Make Pinterest work for you.

Marketing your products on Pinterest shouldn’t end after you’ve installed the app. There are reasons Pinterest is a great platform for selling products. Reap the benefits of buyable pins by learning how to market on Pinterest.