Using Mailchimp with Shopify

Updated October 29, 2018
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Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service used by small and large businesses. For those selling online with Shopify, there is an app to sync subscribers to your online store.

Why Use Mailchimp with Shopify

There are many email marketing companies out there, so why use Mailchimp? We prefer Mailchimp because it is intuitive to use and the free version can get most businesses what they need to get started. Installing the Mailchimp app for Shopify is also easy to navigate and user-friendly. Mailchimp allows you to perform analytics on every email campaign, so you can see if an email has been opened, how many unique clicks, and general user data. Marketers can perform A/B testing with Mailchimp to see which subject line and content layouts perform better. This helps you figure out what design and content is most reached and attractive to your audience by helping you create targeted campaigns. Analyzing customer engagement and which content performs best is a beneficial tool for any business.

How to Connect Mailchimp to Your Shopify Store

Connecting to Mailchimp to your Shopify store is easy and straightforward. Once your store is connected to Mailchimp, you’ll be able to sync your sign up list and automatically add shoppers to your list as they check out.  

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Mailchimp for Shopify Steps:

  • In Mailchimp, click on the arrow by your name and a drop down box will appear.

  • Click on Connected Sites.

  • Several options will pop up, look for Shopify

  • Click connect and Mailchimp will automatically sync with your Shopify customers

  • You’ll be prompted to install the free Shopify app by pressing “Get”

  • Connect Mailchimp account to “Connect existing account”

    • If you don’t already have a Mailchimp account, then click “Create new account”

  • Click on “List” and a menu will open and select your store to connect to Mailchimp

    After you’ve connected your Shopify with MailChimp, you can look at your stores details. From here you can locate and edit your synced list, send automated responses to your customers and view your analytics. Read more about using Shopify with Mailchimp here.