How to Make a Custom Map Using Google MyMaps

Updated July 30, 2018

Google Maps is not only a helpful tool for location places and getting around town, but is also a great resource for making custom maps with your favorite places. Google MyMaps uses a data table you specify via upload or from your Google Drive. 

All of the points within your table will need to have an address and the data columns you'd like to display. If you have data columns you don't want displayed, be sure to delete them before uploading your data table. Any column can be used as the name of your map icons, and you can group your map points by a specific column too. 

Google MyMaps allows you to control privacy settings for who can see your map. Keep it private or share with specific people, or make your map public and embed it on your website.

The ability to use custom icons and style your map is one of the best feature of MyMaps. You can upload any image, icon, or logo to use for placeholders. If you run a chain of hot dog restaurants, for example, you could use a hot dog icon or your company's logo to display your locations on your website. You could also group data by retail locations and where to buy your products. In the hot dog example, the store logo could note restaurant locations, and a ketchup bottle could identify where to buy your secret sauce in local stores.

Watch this 5 minute video tutorial for more!

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