Custom Hoodie Blankets with Hand Pockets

Updated July 8, 2019

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Everyone loves a comfy hoodie . Hoodies are a versatile apparel staple for at home or on the go. There are all kinds of hoodies, hooded sweatshirts and crewneck sweaters out there to keep you warm, but what about a hooded blanket?

If you’re a business, a hoodie blanket would be a good advertising piece while enjoying the beach. Hoodie blankets are also a cool and different give away for your biggest fans.

Introducing Custom Hoodie Blankets

Custom Hoodie Blankets are all over printed with sublimation technique and cut and sewn by hand. These print on demand hoodie blankets are printed, cut and sewn as orders are placed and have no minimum order quantity. Each microfiber hoodie blanket measures 80 x 60 inches in size and has an attached hood and sewn on hand pockets to keep your fingers warm or to and snuggle hold your hooded blanket around you.

How to Get Custom Hoodie Blankets Made

Your design prints all over the top of the blanket and on the front of the hand pockets that are sewn on the underside of the blanket. The base color of the blanket and unprinted underside of the blanket are white. Print Dimensions are 12450px by 9450px, one jpg file under 100mb. As each piece is cut and sewn by hand, avoid fine details in the pocket areas and blanket edges.

Check out this Chicago Flag hoodie for example: