Unique Custom Merchandise for Wineries

Updated May 28, 2018

One way to think about the best merchandise to design and sell at a winery is to consider where your wine enthusiasts might use those items. T-shirts and tank tops are popular merchandise for sale, but your goal is to create a talking piece and extension of the brand experience your customers enjoy when they drink your wine.

Wine Consumer Trends

As consumers look to experiences to interact with brands they love, consider the accessories that are used as a part of those experiences.

Wine and Art Experiences

For example, Paint Nite has joined the love of wine with art, and made the experience more attainable for the everyday wine drinker and painting novice. Paint Nite is a leader of the wine and painting trend, with events at bars and restaurants in over 1700 cities. Wine brands can benefit from the growing wine and art trend by hosting their own creative wine events, attending events and providing tastings, or selling/giving away related merchandise like custom aprons or pre-outlined canvases that are ready to paint. During a wine and paint class, wine becomes the creative juice that consumers rely upon to produce (or accept) the art they make. Wine time aprons can be worn during art classes, or while cooking a well-paired meal.

Wine Consuming Behavior

Wine Al Fresco

Enjoying a nice glass of wine outdoors is the epitome of relaxation. Wine consumers like to take their bottles on the go, and accessories used for wine during picnics and outdoor concerts are also a great merchandise choice for wine-related businesses. Any time your customer gets Wine Fever, you should have a product for them to consume it. While vacuum-sealed tumblers are popular for morning coffee, they can also be used as a handy way of keeping wine cold at a barbecue. Custom insulated wine tumblers can handle very detailed laser etched details, so your logo or a picture of our vineyard can be carried with your consumer to remind them of their experience. These origami totes are a great accessory for beach outings, a day in the park or picnic.

A Cozy Glass of Wine

While having a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc appeals to a hot summer day, a well balanced glass of pinot noir is more suited to reading a book by the fireplace. What do your customers need to remind them of your brand while they enjoy their red indoors? Custom leather bookmarks that wrap around a glass or bottle with your logo will mark their pages nicely. Comfy socks are also a great choice for wine lovers sipping on the couch or by the fireplace. In fact, wine socks are becoming a popular trend, why not put your logo on some?

Useful Wine Accessories for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers likely receive practical wine-related gifts on holidays and birthdays. Having gift baskets, holiday boxes and birthday boxes could be a great way to capture revenue in addition to traditional retail sales and wine clubs. Tea Towels are a helpful tool for wiping wine drips from the bottle, drying freshly washed glasses, or as part of overall kitchen decor. Most wine lovers also probably encourage their dinner guests to use coasters.

Adding custom merchandise for branding or resale can add value to your brand, and Get It Made can help you design and create unique products. See the full collection of cool and custom products for food and beverage brands here, and don’t hesitate to contact us the start the conversation.

We are always looking to create one of a kind brand experiences for our clients, and can also help you create products that don't already exist!

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