Custom Handmade Soap

Photo by  Sammer Soaps

Photo by Sammer Soaps

Handmade soaps not only smell nice, they are a fantastic gift for individuals and businesses. Here are a few reasons why.

You Can Choose What They Smell Like

Handmade soaps can be made to order with specific scents or ingredients. We work with local Chicagoland soap makers to create delicious smelling soaps.

They Are Pretty

Handmade soaps are visually pleasing, which is an element of your gift's presentation. Colorful swirls, sparkles, and unique textures give the soaps an organic look.

An Eco Friendly Gift

Our soap makers can source essential oils, clays, and other natural ingredients. Making something beautiful and consumable from natural ingredients is an eco friendly alternative to many manufactured promotional items.

Custom Branding

Your custom soaps can be stamped, wrapped, or labeled with your message or branding. 

Budget Friendly

Custom soaps are usually more affordable than custom apparel, and have lasting impact as they are used.

Experiential Branding

If you choose, you may also treat your group to a soapmaking work/shop in our showroom. To learn more about soapmaking classes, visit our Work/Shop page.

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