Custom Stuff for Bachelorette Parties

Updated October 29, 2018

If you’re looking for a way to make a bachelorette party more unique, look no further because Get It Made has you covered. Here at Get It Made, you can have custom items made for your special night! Whether you are heading out for a weekend getaway with your besties or planning for a night on the town, we have something for you.

Planning a bachelorette party is almost as fun as the party itself! Getting cool and custom stuff made for your party is part of the fun. Rather than sift through a ton of websites that require orders of 50 or 100, let us do the heavy lifting and get fun things made with no order minimums.

Cool and Custom Bachelorette Ideas Under $10

Custom Koozies

Making your own koozie can be as simple as adding a little logo for your party and the date. These koozies can be customized on either side.

Custom Flippin’ Coins

We can laser engrave these flippin’ coins for your party. This is a unique party favor that will be sure to always remind your besties of the fun memories you made.

UNIQUE Bachelorette Party Gifts Under $50

Custom Sports Bras

Making a custom sports bra, tank top or leggings is a fun way to accessorize when your bachelorette party involves a yoga class or other active event. Our partners at Inkhead provide discounts for orders of at least 24 sports bras.

Custom Cosmetic Bags

This is a perfect item to have customized for all of your bridesmaids. Customize these with a logo, the date of your party, a design or an image. This is something that all of the leading ladies in your life are sure to enjoy. Each cosmetic bag measures to 10 x 6 inches.

Flip Flops


Splurge-Worthy Bachelorette Ideas

Custom Robes & Kimono Robes

Maybe you all are taking a weekend getaway and want a unique item to commemorate the special trip. If so, this is the item for you! Each robe or kimono robe can be customized to your liking. Not to mention, with these you will have the perfect outfits to tag #WokeUpLikeThis on Instagram! If ordering for a group, our partners at Inkhead offer discounts on plush, terry, and waffle style embroidered robes.


Custom Bathing Suits

If you happen to find yourself soaking up the sun for your bachelorette party, then custom swimwear is perfect for you and your squad! There are several styles to choose from- whether you prefer a bikini or a one piece, there is definitely something for everyone. With these swimsuits on, you all can get the cutest squad pictures!

Custom Adult Onesies

Yes, you just read that right! You can customize your very own onesies. If you’re going on that weekend getaway or simply planning on having a night in with the besties, matching onesies are the perfect pieces to have. You guys can be totally cute and comfy for your time spent together after the fun day comes to an end.

Custom Heels