GIM Buddy Spotlight: Dabble

Updated December 7, 2017

Get It Made hosts classes and experiences to help creatives, small businesses, and individuals learn and create. One of our most popular Dabble classes is Shopify 101, but we also host a lunch and learn series cover basic concepts in the world of SEO, affiliate marketing, and other general business and technology topics. We recently met with Dabble CEO Chief Dabbler, Jemal Swoboda, to talk shop and learn more about our fellow learn-try-do enthusiasts.

Dabble for Learners

Dabble experiences are different from the sea of events posted on Facebook or Eventbrite. With a focus on learning and trying new things, Dabble offers smaller classes and private group experiences. Dabble classes are led by locals wanting to share their craft, and Dabble has a list of some of the most unique classes in Chicago. In fact, the Chief Dabbler himself teaches courses on knife throwing. Some of our other favorites include how to forge swords, making glass blown art, Make + Take workshops by Make:Chicago, and swimming like a mermaid. All kinds of interests are represented on Dabble and most classes cost under $50. We think of Dabble as a curated list of fun things to do for date night, those new in town, or people who enjoy learning and trying new things.


Dabble for Teachers

Anyone who has hosted an event may have noticed that there are multiple websites and apps to list an event. Experiential marketing is hot right now, and we believe it should be at the forefront of any business owner’s CORE marketing strategy. Dabble is different than other event sites in two key areas: Marketing support and customer service. When you teach or host a Dabble class, you have the option to contribute ticket funds toward marketing costs. This approach is ideal for small businesses, startups and individuals because you are paying a small increment as revenue comes in, rather than fronting a marketing budget toward various advertisements and waiting for a return. Get It Made has experienced the power of Dabble marketing firsthand, as we have left a few of our classes online without any promotion (eek!) and still sold tickets. We believe in the magic of Dabble marketing and the community of hands-on Dabblers who are engaged with Dabble’s well-targeted email communications. Customer service may be a more overlooked service, as most of the time Dabble classes proceed as planned. However, when preparing to host a class, the last thing a Dabble host needs is a last-minute request. Dabble customer service is an unsung hero for that reason. Dabble handles customer refund requests and other customer inquiries (aside from direct communications) to make event planning and production seamless.

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Already a Dabble instructor? Contact us about hosting your class at Get It Made in West Town!