GIM Tips: Focus on Your Core

Updated July 30, 2018

At Get It Made, we help our GIM Buddies work out their businesses. Part of any good business workout should involve CORE exercise. While a CORE workout isn't the only workout we recommend (there will be leg days), these elements should be present most days of your work life as a business owner.

(C) Content Building

Content work involves building marketing collateral, web content, social content, and product content. Search engine optimization efforts fall into this category, which may involve blog posts and newsletters. 

(O) Outreach

Outreach revolves around outbound marketing efforts. Your outreach varies by your business model but almost always will involve multiple categories. For example, you may reach out to other businesses for partnership opportunities. You may use social media to contact and engage with followers or potential customers. Another example would be direct outreach to existing users of your product. One common pitfall of outbound marketing is over emphasizing outreach efforts to new customers. As the Pareto principle holds, most businesses sustain 80% of sales volume from 20% of their customers. A new customer should be more difficult and costly to obtain than an existing customer, and marketing outreach should focus on building a community of brand loyal customers.

(R) Revenue

Revenue generating activities consist of developing new products, fine tuning your offerings, and developing a strategy to obtain more sales. Hosting events and experiences, defining a pricing strategy, and attracting new inbound opportunities are part of a good revenue building workout.

(E) Exercise

You read it, exercise! Staying healthy and mindful of your overall wellness are important to success in business. Work/life balance and being happy effect your ability to excel at work, and we believe exercise and mind/body health are a critical component to success as a business owner.