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Get It Made provides low cost Shopify store set up and Print on Demand (POD) expertise for creative hustlers and businesses.

In addition to our site building plans below, we offer creative collaboration opportunities for artists and run online pop-up shops.

WhAt’s included with shopify store setup?

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Get a ready-made Shopify development store equipped with our recommended store settings, sales channels, and applications. Consider your new online store an expedited route to selling online with a shorter learning curve and extended free trial. Every store comes with a video tutorial highlighting store settings and how to change them. Every site comes with ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages with content optimized for online search. Every plan includes support articles and videos.

Our store setup plans include a free Shopify subscription during the website trial term until you reach your first 50 orders. Following the site building and trial time, customers will select a Shopify plan for whatever package the customer chooses (we recommend the basic plan which is $29/month). Read the full terms of service here.

Let’s go!

If you’re a DIY-er at heart, the DIY Plan is the jump start you need to help you learn and manage your site and launch within 30 days.

The Standard Plan includes recommended add-ons of a custom url/domain name and additional support over a 60-day trial period.

Get extra assistance with choosing products to sell on demand, a 90-day trial period, 1-on-1 training and a year of Print on Demand (POD) resources.

We test and research print on demand integrations with Shopify and can help you sell merchandise online without the investment in inventory. If you don’t need a new Shopify store and just want Print on Demand (POD) updates, we offer an a la carte Print on Demand (POD) Membership plan for $50/year, which gives you access to our preferred suppliers, new print on demand products, and industry resources on an annual basis.


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