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Updated April 9, 2019

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Yoga mats provide a soft barrier between our hands and feet and the wood floor we pose upon. Why settle for a plain old solid color yoga mat? Design your own custom yoga mat with an all over print. Custom made yoga mats are a great idea for yoga instructors and students alike. Your yoga mat can inspire conversation, smiles, and wellness. 

On Demand Printing and Fulfillment in Shopify

If you’re looking to sell yoga mats on demand, paying for the mat and printing service as orders come in, finding a Shopify vendor is the way to go. Unfortunately, there currently aren’t any yoga mat vendors we recommend with a Shopify App. That said, we can still set up custom printed yoga mats to drop ship to your customers.

Preferred Print on demand yoga mat Vendor: Zazzle

Zazzle carries an eco friendly yoga mat in the $80 range with an up-charge to print on both sides. Mats can be ordered one at a time as well as sold in the Zazzle marketplace. These are the best yoga mats to customize in our opinion because they can have a double sided print, are made in the USA and are eco conscious. Zazzle often runs sales, see the coupon page for current offers.

Promotional YOGA MATS

If your project or budget allows you to order more than one at a time, you can save on yoga mat pricing by purchasing more. Inkhead has a few yoga mat styles available with a minimum order of 13.

Here are some custom printed yoga mats we've made to inspire your creative flow.

DIY Yoga Mat Ideas

If you are on a budget or want some creative flexibility, a DIY approach may be best. Yoga mats are made of a spongy material like rubber, so if you can get your hands on a blank mat or a roll of material you like, you can decorate your mat in a variety of ways. Most yoga materials are durable for exercise but soft enough to cut through, so if you plot your pattern out well you could essentially ‘die cut’ your own custom yoga mat shapes. You could also use interlocking tiles (see right) to create a puzzle-like yoga mat.

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