Updated May 27, 2019

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Flip flops are your summer must haves and getting your very own pair customized is what will set you apart. You’re bound to wear them so you may as well get your very own personalized pair.

Sell Flip Flops Online

Using a print on demand integration with Shopify, you can sell your own flip flops online without investing in any inventory. Print on demand flip flops are sublimated, which means you design will be printed all over the top of each sandal. Sublimated flip flops have an all over print design and come in sizes small, medium and large.

Get Flip Flops Made One at a Time

Create personalized flip flops for men, women, and kids one at a time using Zazzle. Custom sport sandals on Amazon. Sport sandals are popular for softball teams, gymnastics, soccer and other team sports. These custom velcro sandals come in fun styles based on the sport and allow teammates to personalize with a name and number.

Custom Flip Flops in Bulk

If you’re ordering at least 50 pairs, you can get custom flip flops made for under $10. Styles available are primarily for adults and can be striped, come with their own carrying bag, or could be a velcro sporty sandal.

Side note: These led light up flip flops have a USB charging cable to keep your electronics full of juice while on the go.