GIM Buddy Spotlight: Victory Screen Printing

Updated December 18, 2017

When you need more than a few items printed, screen printing is a well known method of getting custom shirts made. However, screen printers vary in printing techniques, minimum order requirements, and the types of merchandise they carry. We met with Vinny at Victory Screen Printing to learn more about what they do.

Merchandise for Artists

Victory Records, located on the same floor as Victory Screen Printing, is a record label that started printing t-shirts and other band swag for bands to sell at the merch table while on tour. As more and more bands signed up to have their shirts made for concerts, Victory Screen Printing was born. Keeping true to its roots, Victory Screen Printing serves bands and musicians on tour, and can drop-ship merchandise to a band while on tour so that they never run out of stock. Upon entering the Victory offices, the posters, record covers, and wall of cool shirts they've printed illustrate their history of supporting artists and musicians. Musicians make up a large share of Victory’s customer base, but anyone needing custom shirts can now use their services.

Digitally Screenprinted Custom Apparel

Victory Screen Printing uses a digital screen printing technology, which means you can print multiple colors without a large set up cost. Compared with traditional screen printing techniques where a new screen is required for each color, this digital process printing strategy is ideal for mutli-color designs.

Video: Process Printing Technique

The shop minimum is 48, but 72 is the ideal minimum order for getting price breaks and minimizing set up costs. While a minimum of 72 items is standard for any design, you have the option to print your design on any available merch to meet that minimum. For example, you could order 7 hoodies, 32 tank tops, 8 bandanas, some shirts, and maybe an apron for good measure.

For Chicago locals, orders can be turned around quickly for pick up or local delivery. Service is fastest when a design file is available, but the in-house art team can help customers that need assistance in getting a design finalized.

Visit Victory Screen Printing online, or call Vinny at (312) 666 8661 x111 to learn more, and tell him we sent you for 10% off your first order.