What Does a Creative Collaboration Entail?

We will help you get quality creative and custom products made and sell them online to your fans. Get It Made will manage store set up and management for the collaboration term (typically 30 days), and you’ll earn money on every item sold without having to pay a dime.

Why Apply for a Creative Collab?

  • No cost to launch an eCommerce store and earn money with your design

  • Assistance in promoting your designs to generate sales

  • Test whether selling online would be beneficial for your work without any risk

  • Focus on spreading the word and let Get It Made manage the eCommerce, product production, and fulfillment process

  • Have the option to take over your store and sell more designs after the collaboration

How to Apply

The creative collaboration program includes the premier Shopify site building plan at no cost for the purpose of promoting your work and helping you test whether eCommerce is right for you. We accept applications on a rolling basis and will be in contact by email to discuss a potential partnership.

What if I don’t get selected?

If you’re eager to start selling online, you can sign up for our affordable site building plans.

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